Youth Midweek Meditation

Every week we will meditate on a new Psalm! Each Wednesday, a new Psalm will be posted on the socials.

Instructions are below...

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What you need:

• Bible / Bible App

• Pen / Pencil

• Crayons / Markers / Colored Pencils / Digital Art Capability

• Paper / Journal



• Open your Bible to Psalm. Read the Psalm silently to yourself.

• Now read it out loud.

• Write the Psalm on your paper or in your journal. If it takes you awhile, that's okay.

• Go through the Psalm and circle or highlight words that stick out to you.

  • Why are these words important to you?

• If there are any words that you don't understand, look them up.

• Are there names of people or places your aren't familiar with? Look them up.

• Try to imagine what the author was feeling when he wrote this Psalm.

  • What were his emotions? Struggles? Frustrations? Excitements?

  • Have you ever felt this way? When? Why?

• Write your own psalm about a time when you experienced what the author might have experienced.

• Find a verse from Psalm that sticks with you. Write it on a piece of paper and keep it where you can see it this week.

• Pray through the Psalm, asking God to reveal Himself to you through His word?


Get Creative - You Choose!

• Draw a picture that represents this Psalm or a part of the Psalm to you.

• Rewrite the Psalm in your own words.

• Write a poem representing the author's emotions and feelings in the Psalm.

• Are there any modern day songs that remind you of this Psalm? Sing it or play it on an instrument.

• Grab your family/friends and make a tiktok/video to act out this Psalm.