Souper Bowl & Chili Cookoff

Copy of soup bowl & chili cookoff.png

On February 10th, the youth ministry invites you to join us for a Souper Bowl & Chili Cook Off. As in years past, we are looking for individuals to submit their favorite chili to be judged. We also have a soup category this year for those who like to keep their taste buds intact. :)

We will have prizes for the top chili and the top soup.


In addition to the yummy soups and chili's, we will have a house soup and chili to eat for lunch and a bake sale with delicious desserts to purchase.

Funds raised through the Souper Bowl & Chili Cookoff go into the Youth Ministry Fund, which provides scholarships for students to go to retreats, camps, conferences, and mission trips throughout the year. :)

Thank you for your support!!