The European Mission Trip

Purpose: Provide a cross-cultural mission opportunity for youth to witness

to others by spreading the gospel, relationship building, and hands on tasks.

Brief explanation: Last spring, incoming 2017-2018 High School

students were given the opportunity to go through an application process

to be a part of this trip.  This coming summer, 8 youth and 2 adults

will be heading to Europe to take part in a mission trip.

Goals: First, we would like to further develop the faith of the youth going on the trip through team building, discipleship, and faith exercises. Second, we would like to serve a location in need somewhere in Europe. Third, we would like to build relationships with our friends from Beskydy Mountain Academy in the Czech Republic in order to share the Gospel with them.


Location: Northern Ireland. After many months of leads, dead ends, and more leads, we have found our mission location in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Armagh is 40 miles southwest of Belfast and about 80 miles north of Dublin. While in Armagh, our youth mission team consisting of 8 youth and 2 adults will serve alongside a team of similar size from Beskydy Mountain Academy in the Czech Republic. We will be working with a ministry called “Drop Inn Ministries”. Drop Inn works within the city of Armagh and throughout Northern Ireland to provide resources to ministries in over 20 countries around the world. Besides thrift and coffee shops, Drop Inn provides programming for mothers and youth in their surroundings. We will be working in the shops, in the youth and mother programs, and doing hands on service around their facility.


Our team is looking forward to serving the youth, families, and ministries at Drop Inn, in addition to building relationships with our Czech brothers and sisters, many of whom don’t believe in God. During the past few months, we have been growing together as a team through monthly meetings and faith building exercises. Our hope is to be in our best spiritual shape when we hit the ground in Armagh.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us by coming to our recent events – Kids Night Out, Prep.Freeze.Cook and Trivia Night. We hope you will join us for our upcoming Sock Hop on February 9th. It should be a good time of dancing, fellowship, and fun!


We ask for your prayers as we continue to grow as a team through

discipleship, faith building, and getting to know one another.

We also ask that you would pray for all of the planning and logistics

as we get closer to our departure in June. And finally, we ask that

you pray for our fellow teammates from Beskydy and those that we

will serve in Northern Ireland – that we may be humble in our service

and let the light of Jesus shine through us.  

Meet the Team

Grade: Freshman
School: Richwoods High School
Extracurriculars: Soccer and Habitat for Humanity
Number of years at FUMC: 14 years
Mission Trips: 2 mission trips; one here in Peoria and the other in Cincinnati, Ohio
Goals for Trip: My goal is to be able to become closer to god and experience all the different ways people praise
Grade: Senior
School: Richwoods High School
Job: Lifeguard at Country Club Of Peoria during summer
Extracurriculars: Cross Country, Swimming, Captivate (prayer group) and Interact (volunteer club)
Number of years at FUMC: all my life
Mission Trips: Cincinnati, Washington after tornado, and St louis
Goals for Trip: To get closer to God, to get closer to the people on the trip, and to help serve as much as I can in during the week
Grade: Junior
School: Richwoods High School
Number of years at FUMC: 3 and a half years
Mission Trips: 2 - Peoria and St. Louis
Goals for Trip: I hope to make my relationship with God better, spread his word, and help other people.
Grade: Sophomore
School: Peoria Christian High School
Extracurriculars: Soccer
Number of years at FUMC: 3 years and 8 months
Mission Trips: 2 - Mystery Mission trip to Peoria and St. Louis
Goals for Trip: show God's love to people, and how we can work as a team.
Grade: Freshman
School: Metamora Township High School
Extracurriculars: marching band, symphonic band, chorus, and FCA. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
Number of years at FUMC: all my life
Mission Trips: I have gone on 11 mission trips to the Czech Republic (2), Louisiana(5), Washington(1), Peoria(1), Cincinnati(2), and St.Louis(1)
Goals for Trip: On this trip I hope to focus on sharing the love of God. I can't wait to see what next God has in store for me.
Grade: Junior
School: Metamora Township High School
Job: FUMC Childcare
Extracurriculars:madrigals, musical, chorale, church choir, key club, and yearbook
Number of years at FUMC: all my life
Mission Trips: Peoria, Louisiana, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, Liberia, and Czech Republic
Goals for Trip: I am so excited to go on this new journey with the youth and to see what God already has planned. I am hopeful that this trip will bring me closer to God and give me chances to minister to my peers
Grade: Senior
School: Richwoods High School
Job: No current job
Extracurriculars: Football and Track
Number of Years at FUMC: 6 years
Past Mission Trips: Cincinnati, Ohio; Peoria; St. Louis, Missouri; Atlanta, Georgia
Goals for This Trip: My number one goal for this mission trip is to build my relationship with God, as well as get out of my comfort zone.
Grade: Freshman
School: Richwoods High School
Extracurriculars: Volleyball
Number of years at FUMC: I've attended FUMC for about 4 years
Mission Trips: I've gone to Washington IL, St. Louis MI, and I've stayed here in Peoria for past mission trips
Goals for Trip: My goal for this mission trip is to be comfortable talking to anyone, in any place about my religion.
Job: whatever God lays before me ... and 1-2 days per week substitute teaching
Years at FUMC: 18, since January 1999
Mission trip: 1st mission trip - May 2007, Dulac, Louisiana, 10 years later: over 15 mission trips, both domestic & international, 1/2 with Youth
Goals for trip: I'm excited about serving with students from BMA. What an incredible cross-cultural opportunity for our teams, but also an opportunity share & live Jesus with the BMA students who don't have a relationship with Him
Job: Director of Youth Ministry
Number of years at FUMC: all my life
Mission Trips: Bulgaria, Honduras, Coordinated Mission Peoria for 9 years at Dream Center Peoria, and a couple trips to Feed My Starving Children with the KIX Klub
Goals for Trip: I am excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of the group we are taking from FUMC, the group from BMA, and the people we serve. I also look forward to the bonding and strengthening of faith that will occur in our mission team.
Job: Language Arts Teacher
Years at FUMC: 28 years
Mission trip Experience: Czech Republic, Mission Peoria, Bulgaria, and other local missions
Goals for trip: Build lasting friendships and partnerships and encounter God
Job: Special Education Teacher at Peoria Heights Grade School
Extracurriculars: coach volleyball and dance, enjoy reading, hiking, and drinking coffee
Years at FUMC: since birth
Mission trip Experience: lots of youth mission trips with Group Week of Hope
Goals for trip: This is my first international trip, so I am really looking forward to that. I am hoping to watch and be a part of whatever the Lord has in store for the team that is going.
Job: Supplier Development Engineer at Caterpillar
Extracurriculars: Running, Volunteering, Traveling, Reading history books
Years at FUMC: 4
Mission trip Experience: None
Goals for trip: Grow spiritually, Meet new people, and Serve God
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