What is it?

Confirmation is one important mile marker on a lifetime journey of discipleship.  Every other year we offer a confirmation class for those who are ready to study and reexamine the essentials of our faith, be baptized (if they have not been baptized previously), make a profession of faith publicly, and to potentially join the church.  Although it is not a sacrament, the confirmation service provides an important opportunity to make a profession of faith and a personal reaffirmation of the promises made for us, or by us, at our baptism. 


At the end of our confirmation class students will be asked if they would like to become members of our congregation and the United Methodist Church.  During the confirmation worship service this spring, confirmands who join the church will promise:

  1. To renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness, reject the evil powers of the world, and repent of their sin;

2.   To accept the freedom and power God gives them to resist evil, injustice, and oppression;

3.   To confess Jesus Christ as Savior, put their whole trust in his grace, and promise to serve him as their Lord;

4.   To remain faithful members of Christ’s holy church and serve as Christ’s representatives in the world;

5.   To be loyal to Christ through The United Methodist Church and do all in their power to strengthen its ministries;

6.   To faithfully participate in its ministries by their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their service, and their witness;

7.   To receive and profess the Christian faith as contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

When is it?

We are inviting all 7th and 8th grade students to attend the Confirmation Class beginning Sunday, January 6, 2019 from 9:45-10:45. This class begins the formal confirmation process, with the confirmation of our youth being the centerpiece for the worship service on Sunday, May 5, 2019.


To help ensure the most meaningful time for the youth and to build a foundation of commitment, we have placed a few expectations on the students going through confirmation. Students should be regular worshipers.  We expect that the youth will be active participants in the weekly Sunday morning Confirmation class.  Should more than two confirmation classes be missed they may not be able to be confirmed on May 5th.   We encourage them to attend regular Sunday evening youth programs and regular Sunday school classes after confirmation.  These expectations help students see the importance of their active commitment in the life of the church.


Students who go through the process are not required, but encourage, to be confirmed and become full members of the church. It is a personal commitment that each youth much decide on their own.


Contact Christina Koeppel, Director of Youth Ministries, or Pastor Tim Ozment, Directing Pastor.