The Team

Sure, we may be crazy for planning an overseas mission trip for next summer, but think of how awesome it would be to help youth on a trek of faith! Will we be able to go to Northern Ireland? God only knows. If we are pointed in a domestic trip instead, God's name will be glorified none the less!

As God encouraged Joshua, He also encourages us today.

"Be Strong and Courageous! ... The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." - Deuteronomy 31:7a, 8

Consider helping us on this journey of faith. Prayers and donations are appreciated!




Hello, my name is Logan.  I am a senior at Richwoods High School. I have been going to FUMC my whole life and I have been a member since the summer of 2017. This will be my second out of country mission trip with our church, provided we’re able to fly overseas. Whether we stay in the States or fly elsewhere, I can’t wait to spread God’s love with the next generation of youth students!




Hi, my name is Amelia, and I am Junior at Washington Community High School. I love to read, I don’t play any sports, but I do play the clarinet and I am learning the guitar and ukulele. I am involved in a few extracurriculars including Mathletes, Tae Kwon Do, Washington Leadership and Community Service (WLCS), and American Heritage Girls. I have attended FUMC my whole life and I am eager to serve with the other members of the team in Northern Ireland. I am looking forward to getting to know the members of the team and witnessing to the Czech students we will be working with in Northern Ireland.




Hello, my name is Mariam and I am a freshman at Washington Community High School. I have been attending FUMC since I was born and was confirmed in 7th grade and baptized when I was six at this church. I love playing tennis and I am also involved in choir and American Heritage Girls. I love serving people and I hope I can use my talents on this trip. I am excited to see how we can grow together as a group and to see how God can shape our lives and test our faith during this strange time. I also am excited for the opportunity to meet the students from BMA and to create new friendships and hopefully share our faith with them.




Hi, I'm Julie. I do whatever God lays before me. Currently, I am serving with CASA, as the FUMC Missions Team Chair, and am one of the mission trip leaders. I've been at FUMC for 21 years. I've been involved in many mission trips including: 1st mission trip - May 2007, Dulac, Louisiana, 13 years later: over 20 mission trips, both domestic & international, 1/2 with Youth. I'm excited about serving with students from Beskydy Mountain Academy in the Czech Republic, seeing our FUMC students grow, and experiencing what God has prepared for us. What an incredible cross-cultural opportunity for our teams, but also an opportunity to share & live Jesus with the BMA students.




HI! My name is Jordan. I am a Senior at Metamora High School. I have been going to FUMC my entire life and was officially confirmed into the church April of 2017. Currently, I work five days a week, babysitting and tutoring three girls and working in childcare for the church. I am involved in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and Key Club at school. Along with that, some of my hobbies are spending time with my friends, playing guitar, and going to coffee shops, and lots of working out! I have been on many mission trips, starting when I was four years old.  I am hopeful that this trip will give me the opportunity to build new and stronger relationships with current and soon-to-be friends. I am hopeful that my faith will grow during this season of uncertainty, especially through the next year and on the trip.




Hi! My name is Gabby. I am a sophomore at Pekin Community High School. I keep myself busy out of school by swimming on our school team and being on the executive board of student council. I have gone to FUMC for my whole life. I have been to Mission Peoria three times and went to St. Louis last year for a mission trip. My goals for this trip are to figure out where I’m at in my relationship with God and learn new ways to get closer to him. I also want to help others, whether it’s with their relationship with God or something else going on in their personal life. 




Hello! I’m Emory! I am a Freshman at Washington Community High School. I have been at FUMC for all of my childhood and got confirmed as a member in May of 2019. I have always been involved from being in the little Cherubs choir with Mrs. Garber to being in Praise Singers with Mrs. Jill. As a youth I then wanted to spread my wings whether it was with my relationship with God or relationships with others in youth. I have learned and have had fun praising the lord on retreats while still doing fun activities such as tubing while trying to touch the tree and playing nine square. I hope this trip will help me understand some of the things God wants me to accomplish on a daily basis. I believe this trip will grow me closer, so I can have that relationship with Christ and be able to talk to him when I am troubled. This trip will be an exciting experience with my close friends beside me and new ones to come!


Director of Youth Ministries


Hey there! I am Christina and I am the Director of Youth Ministries at FUMC. I am a lifelong attender and joined the church in 7th grade, many moons ago. I am also in the bell choir, help behind the scenes for online worship, and love catching a good movie or playing games with friends and family. I have been on a few overseas mission trips - Bulgaria ('15), Honduras ('17), N. Ireland ('18), and organized Mission Peoria for 10+ years with Dream Center Peoria. I am looking forward to the growth and transformation in our own youth going , the youth we are meeting there, and the leaders of all the groups involved.